Is a positive science fiction trend emerging?

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Time Again for Collective Posts

Hollowmen . Net Racist and Ignorant McCain/Palin Supporters in Ohio — I ran across a couple of interesting blog posts in which some enterprising bloggers (Blogger Interrupted and BlueOhioan) got their cameras out and asked people standing in line for

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End of July Collective Update

Here are the most recent posts from the collective. 23Systems Lightbox Plus – I just finished version 1.0 of Lightbox Plus, a WordPress plugin that is used to create overlay images for display on a web page.  You can download

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The Son of Posts from the Collective

Son of Posts from the Collective brings a slew of recent posts by me on various blogs I run or contribute to. Here’s the rundown: Basic Roleplaying . Net Chaos Project Update BRP Review – Someday BRP is on the

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More Posts From the Collective

Here are my latest posts from the various blogs and site I contribute to: Basic Roleplaying . Net Basic Roleplaying Release Date and Cover – Chaosium announces Basic Roleplaying release date and cover. The Chaos Project – Information about Peter

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Latest Post from the Collective

Here are the latest posts from the blog collection I manage: MetaMythos Gary Gygax Co-Creator of Dungeons and Dragons Passes Away Posting Issues Hollow Men March 4th Primaries The Fantasy Years Election Year Technologue “Some look at the world and

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Think of this blog as Central Dispatch

I just wrote a Not Quite A Review of The Road. Also posted on MetaMythos Sub-Cult of Humakt Truthseeker (RQ3) and Societal Domains (d20).

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