Steal This Country

Well it’s Steal This CountryTM day. I’m curious if the mainstream media will continue to gloss over election fraud and voter manipulation. I have absolutely no faith whatsoever in the election process at this point. I do not trust electronic voting machines – never have – as a programmer I know what can go wrong and that’s without people deliberately adding code that might be used to manipulate votes. I don’t like that I can’t get a paper receipt of my choices. Hell anything I order online and can print out a receipt for. Anything I buy at a store I can get a receipt for. But something as important as voting – “Nope, sorry pal, you’re out of luck. Just trust us.” Yeah, right.

No transparency means no trust in my eyes. As things stand now, voting is a privilege. It should probably be mandatory for everyone over the age of eighteen. At least that should be the case in national elections, hence the will of the people. When elections are won based on who can market their candidate better and move people to vote based on that marketing determines the turnout there’s something seriously wrong with this basic premise of a democratic republic. Failing the marketing campaign there’s always the possibility of just altering you non-transparent, receipt-less electronic vote.I am extremely disgusted with the amount of corruption in our government. There is so much I can’t even keep track of it all. The level of hypocrisy that the Republicans have managed to attain alone should be cause for their being voted out of office, or in some cases jailed. No sane person should even consider voting for any of them at this point. I think it’s going to get worse before it gets better. Now I’m not saying the Democrats don’t have problems – no one party could ever come close representing me but the Democrats are generally closer than the Republicans at this point.

Its obvious that a two party system is not working. Vote for the lesser of two evils. Meh. I want some freaking choices here people! I want to be able to elect candidates that arent politicians, but rather statesmen. I want to see the money taken out of their pockets. I want to choose someone who, really cares about the environment. I want to elect a scientist. I want religion out of politics. I want to elect candidates who have a long view. I want to elect someone who doesnt care about politics. I want to elect no one.


I'm anti-entropic, radically-skeptic, and generally optimistic. I dislike stupidity - mine and others. I dislike hypocrisy even more so. I do not believe anything.

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