Content Managment System Needed

I need a Content Management System that meets certain requirements for an RPG project. I can’t find one that has everything I need or even one that has almost everything I need and I can wedge in some other components to cover the rest. So much to my chagrin it looks like I am going to have spend a whole lot of time writing a CMS when I really don’t want to. Just for the hope that someone might be aware of something here are the requirements.Absolutely Positively Must Have

  • Linux / Apache / MySQL 4.1+ / PHP 4.3+ Based
  • Search engine friendly URLs – URL rewriting if needed – inline links must have friendly URLs as well – no overtly dynamic URLs with querystrings and the like.
  • Must have a category/tagging system similar to wordpress, must support sub-categories.
  • Blog / News – A multi user blog is preferable to a news system and must work with categories/tags in a technorati friendly way.
  • RSS – Must support all major feed types, RSS/Atom etc.
  • User registration system – a simple user registration system that doesn’t require much to get started.
  • Articles – Managed article system which must also work with categories/tags.
  • Downloads – Managed download system which must also work with categories.
  • Must be able to run multiples sites (Site A, Site B, Site C) but only utilize a single user base.
  • Must also be templated using XHTML and CSS – should not use tables for layout.
  • Built in wiki and/or MediaWiki integration including users.
  • A simple online store what again works with categories/tags
  • Modular – must be able to add additional features/extensions in a modular fashion

Nice to have – not required

  • Ajax functionality

I know it’s a tall order but that’s what I need (in brief.) If anyone knows of any CMS that comes even close to this please let me know. If it’s open source I’d be willing to diverge a new system from the old.


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2 comments on “Content Managment System Needed
  1. whiskeykitten says:

    Tried drupal?


  2. I don’t know if it fits all those requirements, but in doing a thorough testing of a lot of CMS systems, Mambo/Joomla seems like a good way to go if you want it to be a website.

    BTW, thanks for the Digg. 🙂


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