RuneQuest Available for Pre-Order

I just noticed on Mongoose Publishing’s Website that the new version of is available for pre-ordering. They now have an actual catalog page specifically for the soon to be release RuneQuest – Main Rulebook. But that’s not the only item they have coming out.Mongoose claims that new RuneQuest is designed to bring it up to date and that the 100 page main rulebook will contain contains everything you need to explore any fantasy world.The contains character creation, as well providing complete rules for skills, cults, guilds, combat, adventuring, monsters and Rune Magic which is the first magic system of several planned for the latest edition of RuneQuest.One additional note about the RuneQuest franchise is that in addition to the Glorantha setting Mongoose plans to support RuneQuest with at least one other campaign setting which we have found out is the World of Lankhmar.And for those inclined to self-publish Mongoose is publishing RuneQuest with an Open Content licence allowing other publishers to produce and sell their own settings, adventures and materials.So July should see the items listed in my previous post about Mongoose and RuneQuest published. Those products being Glorantha, the RuneQuest – Main Rulebook and the RuneQuest Games Master’s Screen along with a set of Broo Raiders miniatures. Mongoose has also announced three items for August production: Duck Adventurers, RuneQuest Companion and RuneQuest Monsters.I recommend pre-ordering RuneQuest from as an alternative to pre-ordering from Mongoose Publishing as Mongoose does not prefer to handle pre-orders.For a history of the illustrious game of RuneQuest please see or the WikiPedia article on RuneQuest


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