Linux Distro?

It’s been a while since I had a Linux box running at the house but I need one for some projects I’m about to start working on. It’s also been a while since I’ve work with Linux in any but a cursory administrative manner.I’ll primarily be doing LAMP development on it and I’ll also probably be using the MySQL for a Wiki and possible for Word Press. I’ve been thinking of using Ubuntu mostly because it seems to have a lot of cheerleaders.So if you’re a big Linux user, and you know who you are I’d like your thoughts. I’m sure everyone who uses Linux has a preference but I’d like some suggestions anyway.


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4 comments on “Linux Distro?
  1. goneaway says:

    Although I personally avoid it like the plague Ubuntu is probably a good choice for this application and you also benefit from having the availability of easily installed packages that come along with the distribution being Debian based as well. It’s funny though because with all of the recent work being done on the Debian installer it is becoming a lot more friendly to the more casual or project oriented user these days.

    There is also a live LAMP CD which I cannot remember the name of offhand but should be easy to find on Distrowatch.


  2. jagwire says:

    If you were to just recommend a Linux distro – which would it be? Last one I installed and used was Debian.

    Now if I can just get some free time to fix the hardware…


  3. goneaway says:

    Debian is good stuff especially if you’re looking for stability instead of hackery and fun. Debian has also progressed a great deal in terms of sane default configurations, etc over the past two years. Slackware is also a pretty sure bet for servers especially if you’re more familiar/comfortable with capital ‘U’ *nix although the initial setup is kind of a pain in the ass. I use Gentoo pretty much exclusively these days but that has more to do with it being incredibly fun and a moving target than stability and/or ease of administration.


  4. jagwire says:

    I decided to go with Slackware – one reason being that I had already downloaded it in an attempt to get it onto a laptop that I was planning on using for an mp3 component on our stereo. Other than that it seems to have everything I need.


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