Lack of thinking clearly

I’ve come to the conclusion that either I don’t care enough about a lot stuff to write about it or I can’t think clearly enough to write more than a few sentences about something or maybe I’m just lazy. Ok, so that’s not much of a conclusion.Or perhaps the problem lies in me having too much to say about just about anything – whether entirely accurate or not is irrelevant – but I just can’t seem to get it all written in a reasonable amount of time plus my need to edit and clarify after the initial pass – maybe I should just go stream of consciousness and editing be damned though I will spell check to spare the misery probably since I tend to type fast and with a lot of typos in the process which leads to things like saying you instead of your because I can’t seem to hit the “R” hard enough.I am very tired today. A sick child who, even when sick, has far more energy than me can really wear you out after 12 continuous hours of care. That plus after he went to sleep I had more work to do in getting data transferred from an old computer to a new computer. That took my whole day up to the 16 hours of non-stop work. I think my big mistake was not going to bed immediately and only getting about 5 hours of sleep. All said and done I feel more rested after a day in the office.


I'm anti-entropic, radically-skeptic, and generally optimistic. I dislike stupidity - mine and others. I dislike hypocrisy even more so. I do not believe anything.

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