Origin of the name Jagwire

Really. I should post more items on this thing. There's tons of interesting stuff out there but how much time do I really want to spend doing this.

Let's travel back in time…

It's 1988 (or so) and I'm trying to think of a good name to use on the BBSs. BBS stands for Bulletin Board System. For those of you who weren't there BBSs were the World Wide Web of their day. I want something futuristic and cyberpunk sounding yet primal. I'm driving on US 183 heading South into Austin from somewhere north and think about this. I might be tripping, then again if you are one of my parents reading this, I probably wasn't. I see billboard, if you can really call a 30 foot tall photograph and logo a billboard, with a picture of a Jaguar (the car) on it, then it hits me: jaguar (U.S. pronunciation) + hardwire = jagwire.

That's where the name comes from.

Fast forward to now.

If you search Google for the term jagwire you will mostly find a bunch of trademarked corporate businesses. If you look up jagwire at the US Trademark & Patent Office you'll see that the earliet recorded trademark was was in 1996. Frankly this kind of pisses me off – I mean, hell, I have a tattoo on my left arm that represents the name to me. Dig down a little further on Google, using the full name I commonly used in BBS days, Jagwire X, you will find links to my past. I'm tempted to see what it would take to challenge the trademark, especially if I decide to use the name for something. I can pretty much prove (1992|1993) that my use of the name predates any trademarked use of the name and probably any other use of the name either.

With all these mentions of the name Jagwire on this page I'll probably go up in the google rankings. Woot!

Ok enough ranting.


I'm anti-entropic, radically-skeptic, and generally optimistic. I dislike stupidity - mine and others. I dislike hypocrisy even more so. I do not believe anything.

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