Deluxe Basic Role-Playing

I just started playtesting Deluxe Basic Role-Playing which is to be published by Chaosium sometime this year. So far it looks very good and very flexible – able to work with a variety of genres and milieus. So far we have received perhaps half of the test and it come’s in at a whopping 340+ pages. Of course once formatted for publication it will probably not be so voluminous – the font will be smaller I am sure and laid out in multiple column format.In any event the rules provide many options for different styles of play and settings. I’m just hoping that we can publish materials for it can be published under some sort of open-license.On the other hand Mongoose Publishing is putting out a new set of rules for RuneQuest which may be quite similar and will supposedly be open source.I suppose the only advantage to using one of the two to publish supplements would be that as part of the open-source license you would be able to slap their logo on your product which frankly isn’t much of a selling point.And finally I am thinking about creating a completely open-source or creative commons licensed and compatible version of rules since game publishers generally seem to be very uptight. As far as I know you can copyright a publication of the rules, the words used to describe a system, but the system itself cannot be so controlled. And I seriously doubt you could get a patent for it either.My idea is to use a Wiki probably MediaWiki (same as used for WikiPedia) to host a collaborative site for the rules and make it a truly interactive effort.


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One comment on “Deluxe Basic Role-Playing
  1. Aaron Labow says:

    How does one become a play testor? I am a advid fan of BRP,runequest,worlds of wonder:(futureworld,superworld,magic world),stormbringer .call of cthulhu, etc. and would love to contribute.

    course i suppose its not easy to be a play testor. im very interested in the proposed Deluxe BRP infact i have created multigenera worlds usings BRP rules. but i would prefer a definitive set of rules made by chaosium. something that is official. i think a Deluxe BRP is a great step for chaosiums future, and im sure that alot of hard core chaosiumnites will agree . i only wish they had done it sooner.

    if it is possible to become a playtestor let me know what the criteria for becoming ione is. thanks! ever since i heard of a possible Deluxe BRP i have been searching online for any news on it that i can find.

    well anyways have a good day


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